Will Melvin Meet Its Stretch Goal?
FILED AUGUST 13, 2018 Melvin will not meet their "stretch goal" of 40,000 barrels in 2018. Read More
Charting The Haze Craze
FILED AUGUST 10, 2018 Next month is GABF time. Festivalgoers can expect lots and lots of hazy IPAs, just like they do now in the on-premise in general. Read More
After Achieving Improved Financial Health, CBA Looks to Explore Topline Growth
FILED AUGUST 9, 2018 "Q2 of 2018 was simply a great quarter for CBA," chief Andy Thomas said to open today's earnings call. Read More
CBA Depletions Only Down 2% in Q2
FILED AUGUST 8, 2018 'Member CBA Q1 results? Overall depletions were down 4% in Q1 (Kona's were up 3%, a slowed trend) but shipments were up 9% (because CBA had been reducing wholesaler inventory at the comparable period). Net sales were up 7%. Chief Andy Thomas promised a "normalization" in their domestic shipments and domestic STRs going forward. Read More
Lagunitas' Hi-Fi Hops Already
FILED AUGUST 6, 2018 It sounds like Lagunitas' new line of THC- and CBD-infused sparkling waters, Hi-Fi Hops, is off to a hot start. The IPA-inspired beverage, which debuted in California dispensaries a week ago today, is already Read More
CANarchy Will Announce Another Acquisition Soon
FILED AUGUST 3, 2018 It was just a couple of weeks ago that Fireman Capital-backed brewer collective, CANarchy, announced the addition of Inglewood, California's Three Weavers. Just a few weeks prior to that, they'd brought on Dallas-based Deep Ellum. Read More
About 11% of Craft Volume Now Sold Direct
FILED AUGUST 2, 2018 After the Brewers Association updated its midyear numbers for craft this week, we asked economist Bart Watson for a little more color on how many Read More
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