Quantifying Quality
FILED OCTOBER 17, 2014 You hear about the call to "quality" everywhere in beer these, days: As a concern, as a promise, as an area of focus in our business. But it can be hard to quantify exactly what "quality" means. Read More
State Regulators Investigating "Dirty Lines"
FILED OCTOBER 16, 2014 Yesterday we filled you in on Dann Paquete's recent outburst on Twitter [see CBD 10-15-2014 ]. Recall the co-founder of the Somerville-based Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project lambasted Boston Bars for succumbing to bribes offered by other brewers or distributors. Read More
Craft State of the Union: A CBD Survey
FILED OCTOBER 15, 2014 In early September, we polled our top 50 BA-defined craft brewer sources on a host of topics, from growth, to new markets, succession, pricing and more. Almost half answered. Read More
Pennsylvania Brewers Grow, With Pains
FILED OCTOBER 14, 2014 In Pennsylvania, there are 170 breweries up and running and that number is growing, according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. "This fall, at least a half dozen microbreweries are joining the central Pennsylvania craft beer scene," per report by Pocono Record. Read More
Boston Attorneys Catering to Craft Craze
FILED OCTOBER 13, 2014 Boston law firm Bowditch & Dewey is capitalizing on craft's increasing popularity with a "specialty practice" centered on craft brewers, per weekend report by Boston Herald. Read More
25 Years in and Wynne Odell Still Bullish on Craft
FILED OCTOBER 10, 2014 We recently caught up with Wynne Odell, co-founder of the Fort Collins-based Odell Brewing Company, to congratulate them on their 25 years in the business and ask about prevalent industry trends. Read More
Stone to Build $74 Million Brewery in Richmond, VA
FILED OCTOBER 9, 2014 It's been the worst-kept secret of the last two days, and now Stone has officially announced Richmond, Virginia as the location of its new East Coast facility. Read More
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