Florida DABT Could Clarify Licensing with Rulemaking
FILED JANUARY 27, 2015 Florida beer politics is always good for some moving parts. After a split-second where it looked like a clean growler bill might have consensus [see CBD 12-09-2014] , other things took the spotlight -- namely, the recent lawsuit to clarify licensing, which some said could stop craft brewers from being able to operate tap rooms. Read More
BrewDog Scouting U.S. Facility Site?
FILED JANUARY 26, 2015 Stone Brewing's Twitter account has indicated that envelope-pushing BrewDog of Scotland could be readying for a potential move to the states. Read More
A-B Purchases Elysian
FILED JANUARY 23, 2015 A-B has just purchased 20-year-old Seattle brewer Elysian, per company statement. The deal should close in Q1 2015. Read More
SweetWater hitting Texas, Maryland
FILED JANUARY 22, 2015 They are people of their word: SweetWater sales chief told CBD last summer that they'd look to "key Texas cities" around Q4. And just this morning, the brewery announced it will hit Texas and Maryland next month, after having opened five new markets in 2014. Read More
Blurred Lines: New Tasting Room Action in Montana
FILED JANUARY 21, 2015 New tasting room action in Montana would allow taverns to brew and small brewers with limited on-premise serving ability to blow past current caps. Distributors aren't happy. Read More
Riverghost Owner Asks for Exemption from Kentucky Bill
FILED JANUARY 20, 2015 Those who read sister publication BBD know that A-B has been fighting a battle in Kentucky to seal the deal on their new Owensboro distributorship. Late last year, the brewer won a court battle that allowed them to secure that business, like the one it has operated in Louisville for roughly 40 years. Read More
Cardella on His Time At Tenth: M&A, Much Ado About "Crafty" and More
FILED JANUARY 19, 2015 After decades in the beer business, ex-Tenth and Blake chief Tom Cardella told Harry at last week's Beer Summit, "I'm not retiring from the industry per se. I've retired from a full time job ... we'll see what happens." Read More
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