BA Leaders Defend Importance of "Craft" Definition
FILED MAY 4, 2016 At the Craft Brewer Conference's opening general session today, Allagash founder Rob Tod took the stage for the first time as Chairman of the Brewers Association Board. Predictably, he talked about the importance of the craft brewer definition, now more than ever. Read More
Nielsen Dives Deep into Craft Preferences
FILED MAY 3, 2016 To whom do we owe the explosion of styles in craft? The consumers, of course, but which ones, specifically? Males or females? The Millennials or older generations? What region are these people from? Nielsen has provided us with the answers in a recently released beer survey conducted by the Harris Poll. Read More
Bump Stratifies Craft into Four Price Segments
FILED MAY 2, 2016 Super high-end brews are currently doing the heavy lifting in craft despite an overall segment growth slowdown. Case in point: Craft brands with a price tag above $40 accounted for only 20% of total Craft dollar sales yet were responsible for over 50% of total dollar growth, per latest IRI data stretching the 52 weeks ending April 17 across MULC. Read More
Fly On the Wall: Austin Eastciders
FILED APRIL 29, 2016 What cider slowdown? One of the biggest regional cider producers, Austin Eastciders, is opening a new facility and gearing up to produce 30,000 barrels this year. The new space will allow them to hit the chains harder and seed more of the Northeast, so expect to see them in more markets soon. Did we mention hot pineapple and hopped flavors? We pinged co-founder Mark King for a fly on the wall. Here are Austin Eastciders 2016 plans, in his words: Read More
Greg Koch Announces New Consortium
FILED APRIL 29, 2016 Well, Stone ceo and co-founder Greg Koch has officially had it with the "constant forces towards homogenization and fitting in." He's got a plan to "foster a world of uniqueness, depth and character" and he intends to do that through his new venture dubbed "True Craft." Read More
Fruit Salad Beers Currying F[l]avor
FILED APRIL 28, 2016 Sorry for the annoying title, but it speaks to some interesting style and flavor developments. Latest IRI to April 17 shows some interesting trends. The most top of mind for you editor involves the continued slowing growth of IPA. Sure, it's still gaining beaucoup dollar share, but not like it was. Particularly in supers: Here, for the latest 12 weeks, IPA is up 22.5% in dollars, and gained a little more than 3 dollar share of craft. That's quite impressive, but consider that 52-week numbers show 33% dollar growth and almost 4 dollar share of craft gained. Read More
Austin Beerworks Does 20,000 Barrels in a 15-Mile Radius
FILED APRIL 27, 2016 Talk about opportunity: This time next year, Austin Beerworks' workspace will be three times its current size. Read More
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