Boston Still the King of Tea
FILED DECEMBER 9, 2016 It ain't easy being tea. Or hard tea, anyway. Unless you are Boston Beer's Twisted Tea, apparently. Read More
Craft Price Gains Halved in Most Recent Data vs. YTD Trend
FILED DECEMBER 8, 2016 Though craft volumes in supers had actually dipped negative earlier in the fall [see CBD 11-11-2016], they've kept above the waves in the latest periods in the most recent IRI data, to November 27. The segment is up 7.2% in dollars and 4.2% in volumes YTD in grocery, its most important channel. Those gains are lessened but still positive in the more recent periods: For 12 weeks, craft dollars are up 3.8% and volumes up 1.8%. And dollars are up 4.8% the latest 4-week period, with volumes up 3.3%. Read More
New Belgium Promises "Most Ambitious Portfolio Reimagining"
FILED DECEMBER 7, 2016 New Belgium Brewing has just released their beer lineup for 2017. Spokesperson Bryan Simpson is calling it their "most ambitious portfolio reimagining" since the brewery's beginnings. Read More
Flying Dog Closer to "Land"ing New Brewery
FILED DECEMBER 6, 2016 Flying Dog Brewery should have an answer on their offer to purchase a 32-acre plot in Frederick, Maryland, by the end of this year, per Baltimore Business Journal. Read More
Now 5,005 U.S. Breweries
FILED DECEMBER 5, 2016 Welp, we've broken 5,000 breweries. Read More
Smaller Craft Players Striking Deals
FILED DECEMBER 2, 2016 Vann Russell, founder & managing Partner at Arlington Capital Advisors, took the stage at the Brewbound Session in San Diego yesterday to discuss the latest on the money flowing into the craft arena. Read More
Economists on Where Craft is Adding Barrels -- And Not
FILED DECEMBER 1, 2016 Who is adding the most barrels to the industry? Economists Bart Watson and Lester Jones shared those insights and more at today's Brewbound Session in San Diego. Read More
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