Boston: No Big New Innovations for 2015
FILED OCTOBER 31, 2014 We promised more after yesterday's Boston Q3 call. Recall from yesterday's report that CEO Martin Roper said they do not expect that the depletions growth rates -- up 25% YTD through Q3, ended Sept. 27 -- will be maintained for the remainder of the year. Read More
Boston Q3 Depletions up 21%
FILED OCTOBER 30, 2014 Boston has just reported Q3 results for period ended September 27. Depletions were up 21% (following blockbuster Q2 depletions growth of 23% and even higher than that in Q1). That brings YTD depletions growth up 25%. Read More
Harpoon Makes SVP Marketing New President
FILED OCTOBER 29, 2014 Having earlier announced an ESOP and co-founder Dan Kenary taking over the CEO reins from co-founder Rich Doyle, Harpoon has just announced the latest in its succession evolution. Read More
Public Interest Group Files Suit Against Florida's 64 oz. Growler Ban
FILED OCTOBER 28, 2014 The latest in the Florida fight to legalize 64 oz. growlers comes outside the industry: the Pacific Legal Foundation has just filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of a 10-month-old Floridian retailer, "The Crafted Keg." Read More
Balcones Distilling Saga: A Warning for Craft?
FILED OCTOBER 24, 2014 Those in the craft distilling world (including our own Wine & Spirits Daily) have lately been following the Balcones Distilling saga, wherein founder Chip Tate holds that his return to the company he founded in 2008 is "unlikely if it remains under the majority ownership of PE Investors LLC, an Oklahoma equity firm that entered the scene in February 2013," he told Waco Tribune earlier this week. Read More
More Ado About Fracking
FILED OCTOBER 23, 2014 Talks of an Atlantic Coast Pipeline have left one Virginia craft brewer in strong opposition while situating another between a rock and a hard place. The idea of fracking presents a number of potential problems for craft brewers whether it be water pollution, earthquakes, or a decrease in tourism. But when the fracking is taking place to unearth an essential source of energy for your brewery, choosing a side can become very difficult. Read More
Craft Distrib of the Year Profile: J.J. Taylor Florida
FILED OCTOBER 22, 2014 A little over a month ago, we caught up with J.J. Taylor Florida president, Jay Martin. That was a few weeks before they won the Craft Beer Distributor of the Year award during GABF Read More
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